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Crashing Conferences for Market Intelligence

One of the many fringe benefits of running a business in San Francisco is crashing conferences. San Francisco is a destination city not only for some of the biggest tech conferences in the world, including OracleWorld, MacWorld and RSA, but also hundreds of smaller conferences for every conceivable industry, and thousands of executive summits. On any given day, if you walk through the lobbies of the major hotels on Market Street, you're guaranteed to see signs for conferences underway in a ballroom.

Most major conferences have an exhibit room where vendors shop their wares, and in the majority of conferences exhibit passes are free. At small conferences, organizers rarely even check for an exhibit pass, because they figure the traffic is good for their vendors. So

One Content Error That Will Get You Banned On LinkedIn

My post blasting LinkedIn last week was a long time in coming. I've been working with clients for several years, strongly advocating LinkedIn as a powerful tool for engaging customers and prospects. But time after time, I've watched marketers get burned by poor planning, poor communication, and poor decision-making at LinkedIn. Last week I focused on LinkedIn's seemingly arbitrary decision to wipe out Product Pages, after thousands of companies invested in

In Social Media, Value Matters More than Volume

As social media goes mainstream for corporate marketing, far too many marketers are getting caught up in activity metrics rather than value. Klout. Likes. Follows. Retweets. Everything is about volume of engagement, with little if any focus on the value of engagement. Recently I heard a senior executive at a major national brand brainstorming a campaign to improve his company's Facebook "Likes". It was parody. He was fixated on a single metric, and kept asking for help estimating a conversion of Facebook "Likes" to television advertising equivalents. When it was pointed out that likes don't actually mean someone likes you (Bank of America's customers "Liked" their Facebook page so much, the torrent of hate mail forced BofA to abandon the page) it had no impact. He was