Send in the Clones? Automating Social Media

If you're selling a commodity product that you just want to scale with a cheap price, then automating your entire marketing process makes sense. If you're selling something of any kind of quality, you need to put a little more thought into where you draw the line with automation.

Crashing Conferences for Market Intelligence

One of the many fringe benefits of running a business in San Francisco is crashing conferences. San Francisco is a destination city not only for some of the biggest tech conferences in the world, including OracleWorld, MacWorld and RSA, but also hundreds of smaller conferences for every conceivable industry, and thousands of executive summits. On any given day, if you walk through the lobbies of the major hotels on Market Street, you're guaranteed to see signs for conferences underway in a ballroom.


Does HubSpot Walk their Talk on Social Media?

HubSpot has built their reputation on creating some of the best marketing content available online, and on that score, they deliver. But a careful review of their online reputation for sales and fulfllment tells a different story—one they may need to manage more effectively. 

How to Succeed with Social Selling

If you want to get the business value of social media, just use it the way consumers do. Think about it: Consumers use social media to be smart. It only takes a few seconds to look up some product and see what people are saying about it, ask your colleagues on LinkedIn or Quora, or ask your friends on Facebook. Social media, whether you're a buyer or a seller, is about leveraging the vast store of collective knowledge accessible through your network of peers.  Social selling is about using social media to be in tune with what's driving your market, and leveraging that knowledge to connect authentically with the interests that motivate your prospects.

Will Big Data Lead Your Company Astray?

With smart devices and social media, we now generate so much data that conventional wisdom assures us every byte has value and must be captured to unlock the secrets of our next marketing success. While it's certainly true that knowing more about your market can help you deliver better products and services, I see a lot companies led astray by the promise of Big Data that will likely never pan out. Even smart companies.

The "Big" in Big Data is All About Redundancy

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