1. How? is SocialRep different from other partner marketing solutions?


SocialRep provides software and services to help channel managers activate their partners as a “Vocal Network” of brand advocates. How? By giving you everything
“SocialRep delivers a constant stream of content that partners can choose from to fuel their own social profiles.”

you need to empower your partners, affiliates and sales associates to share your story effectively through social media.

SocialRep’s Inbound Channel Marketing platform delivers a constant stream of timely and relevant content that partners, affiliates and sales associates can choose from to fuel their own social profiles. SocialRep doesn’t turn your affiliates into sock-puppets by auto-posting social spam to their social media profiles. SocialRep uses focused crawlers, indexing and scoring systems to source relevant content your partners want to share to engage the customers you both want to reach. As partners build their reputation on the basis of solid content, they can add lead-generating offers to their social media updates without alienating their audience.

Once the Inbound Channel Marketing platform is configured, content flows 24/7, in almost any language, with granular filters you can tune to ensure only the best content gets through. SocialRep makes it easy for partners to share timely content and lead-generating offers to any social network, while you track the results and manage the inbound leads.

2. How will SocialRep help me achieve my marketing objectives?

“SocialRep delivers a constant stream of content that partners can choose from to fuel their own social profiles.”

SocialRep will help you engage and empower partners who can generate high quality leads with social marketing. We focus on activating the most capable partners in your community by giving them what they need to succeed. They need a continuous stream of intelligently targeted content, guided by proven inbound marketing workflows, to create an authentic voice that attracts prospects and customers to the solutions you and your partners provide.

SocialRep allows you to see which partners are adding value by adding a strong voice to your market dialog, and which partners are producing results by generating reshares, click-throughs and qualified leads. With SocialRep, you can invest your resources more wisely in partners who can prove their ability to perform, and you can measure ROI in Marketing Qualified Leads.

By helping your best partners develop their own brand voice, informed by content relevant to your shared market objectives, SocialRep helps you engage committed partners who want to succeed. If you want partners that will turn off their brain and turn their social media accounts on auto-spam, SocialRep is not the right solution for you.

3. How does SocialRep fit in with other social marketing solutions?


SocialRep’s Inbound Channel Marketing platform is designed to be integrated into your existing partner marketing ecosystem. SocialRep can be run as a standalone Social Media Portal, as an API integrated into an existing PRM or partner portal system, or even as an embedded cloud application into an existing website or app. All data inputs and outputs can be integrated with other systems, allowing single sign-on for partners already authenticated through other applications, and allowing data integration with CRM.

4. What kind of ROI can I expect with SocialRep?

“SocialRep has returned up to 20x ROI in Marketing Qualified Leads.”

In our pilots with existing customers, SocialRep has returned up to 20x ROI in Marketing Qualified Leads with only 30 active partners, about twice what B2B email marketing produces, without considering other benefits. Those numbers will only increase as customers add more partners and affiliates, without a substantial increase in costs.

SocialRep also dramatically cuts down on resources required to source and produce content, providing substantial savings for both partner and corporate marketing teams.

5. How much does it cost?


SocialRep is priced for companies sustaining large, or high-growth partner networks. We offer all-inclusive programs including software seat licenses, team and partner training, defined campaigns and partner engagement programs, and start at under $1,000 per month, per partner (not per user). Most companies initially deploy a SocialRep as a defined MDF program, allocating budgets for a targeted group of partners to launch a SocialRep pilot.

6. What’s so special about your technology?

“No other company brings together all the necessary components for through-partner social marketing.”

SocialRep has spent 7 years working in the trenches with global customers to define and build the critical components needed to source, synthesize and syndicate high quality content and data. No other company has brought together all the components necessary to enable end-to-end through-partner social marketing. We build our own crawlers, our own clustering algorithms, our own NLP components, our own scoring algorithms, our own syndication tools, and our own dashboards and analytics. We’re committed to the highest quality engineering, not because it’s expedient, but because it’s required to build a quality product that will help our customers attract and engage the best partners.

7. Why is it important to crawl our own data?


When you purchase data for sourcing content, you don’t control–or have visibility–into what is collected or why. You simply get what the data provider offers. This leaves huge blind spots that prevent you from truly understanding what issues and topics are driving market dialog. You can’t stand behind a content marketing strategy that is based on data you can’t validate, and neither can we.

8. What do you have against sock puppets?


The compelling attraction of social media is the ability to pull back the curtain on marketing hype and find information from our peers that helps us make better decisions. Everything you say as a brand is indexed by search engines and easily available to anyone who wants the inside scoop on your business when they’re considering a purchase

“When you empower your partners to speak for themselves on a topic of shared interest, you’re building a Vocal Network of authentic advocates.”

When your approach to social marketing is to just turn up the volume by pushing out canned messages for your partners to shout, you’re not helping your partners connect authentically with customers, you’re just creating a lot of noise that is obvious to anyone who looks. You’re also not helping yourself, because these kinds of techniques only attract partners who want to invest the least amount of effort in marketing, and don’t care enough about their own brand voice to cultivate it on their own. Think about it: would you turn your social media accounts over to some company to say whatever they want to your customers? Neither would we.

When you empower your partners to speak for themselves on a topic of shared interest, you’re building a Unified Vocal Network of authentic advocates. When you’re just putting words into your partner’s mouths through social media, you’re building a noise machine of sock puppets that won’t stand up to even a few minutes of search engine scrutiny.