Agile Marketing: Fastest Path to Revenue


When you're working to develop new markets, new customers or new solutions, Agile principles are useful but not sufficent. You need an organizing principle that focuses priorities on verifying your value proposition and finding the right customers before spending time on the marketing funnel or sales pipeline.

The Fastest Path to Revenue is a framework for market and sales development, designed to address the challenges our B2B technology customers face in rapidly changing markets. The articles here provide a deeper dive on Agile marketing and sales principles for users of our platform, training and gamification programs.

Agile Marketing: Discovering the Fastest Path to Revenue

The Fastest Path to Revenue is an agile organizing principle that helps you focus on the marketing and sales priorities that matter the most.

Applying Agile Methods to Marketing and Sales

Many marketers believe they could improve sales and marketing results by translating management methods originally engineered for software development into a new “Agile Marketing”. But what does that really mean in practice?

Finding the Fastest Path to Revenue in Social Lead Generation

Finding the Fastest Path to Revenue is about laying out the shortest route between a marketing activity and its impact on sales

Four Simple Questions to Fix Your Value Proposition

Before setting out to find the Fastest Path to Revenue it helps to simplify the most essential elements of your value proposition.

Mapping Your Fastest Path to Revenue

There’s no such thing as a Marketing Qualified Lead on the Fastest Path to Revenue. It’s all about verifying your market by finding a customer willing to buy now.