The Platform

Social Media is the preferred meeting place for today’s decision makers. To be effective social reps, your marketing teams, sales teams and channel partners all need timely and relevant content to advise, attract and qualify new prospects and customers.

As the foundation for the SocialRep System, our platform enables an Inbound Channel Marketing process that turns your entire selling network into a unified social sales force. SocialRep automates content curation, simplifies trend-spotting and analysis, and streamlines the process of customizing and syndicating content and promotions, with detailed dashboards and metrics to measure results.

SocialRep transforms your team from order-takers into trusted advisors.


SocialRep maps the topics that matter to you and your partners, in virtually any language, and configures data crawlers, classifiers and our content syndication engine. Collected data is available for detailed analytics on topic and market trends.


Collected content is automatically filtered, organized by topic, and pushed hourly to a Social Media Portal accessible by your internal team and partners for content creation and sharing, along with relevant lead-gen offers you select for social reps to share.


Your team and partners select the content and lead offers they want to share in their own voice to their favorite social media networks. This allows social reps to create an authentic social media presence, as experts on topics of concern to your shared customers.


All user activity and outcomes—including click-throughs, reshares and inbound leads—can be seen in the SocialRep dashboard. You’ll learn which reps are most effective, which topics are most popular, and which social networks are driving response.


Other solutions simply provide the mechanism to syndicate social posts. We are the only solution with dedicated crawlers to source high-quality content, analyze trends, easily originate new content, and syndicate to both internal teams and channel partners for sharing. We make Inbound Channel Marketing scalable for enterprise channel organizations, and we make it easy for you and your partners to manage.


Focused crawlers are configured and trained to identify and collect relevant content according to defined topics.


Data processing systems filter, classify, and score all incoming content to create a focused index.


SocialRep automatically syndicates the best content to the Social Media Center, where users go to read and share content and lead offers out to their social network.


Content and activity dashboards provide granular visibility into content trends, user participation and lead generation results per user.


SocialRep provides visibility into social selling performance in real time to help you identify the trends driving engagement and the reps driving revenue.

  • Which partners are engaging?
  • Which partners are driving results?
  • What topics are generating the most activity?
  • Which social networks are delivering the most click-thrus?