The SocialRep Story

Since 2007, SocialRep has been a pioneer in technologies and techniques for social media intelligence and social selling. Founded by veteran marketers and engineers, SocialRep started out as a market intelligence firm in San Francisco, sourcing social data to help companies identify new products and new markets.

Over the years, several waves of social media trends have ebbed and flowed—including reputation monitoring, social media analytics, social media management and social selling—but SocialRep has stayed focused on serving customers and building great products. During that time, SocialRep has served some of the most recognizable brands across the globe in technology, financial services, healthcare and automotive, including Sony, Toyota, Motorola, Pfizer, Morgan Stanley and Sun, to name just a few.

SocialRep's decision to focus on the B2B channel was based on our experience of partner marketing as a perfectly contained ecosystem for agile development. The tools and techniques we create can be tested and refined many times over in the course of just a few months, with dozens of partners challenging us in different ways to improve the results. We've now worked with and trained partners all over the world, delivering a turn-key platform of technology systems and services to empower marketing and sales teams to excel in social media, with passion and authenticity.

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