Our Users: Overview






SocialRep currently serves active users in 70 countries and counting.


SocialRep provides a system of software and services to establish, accelerate and sustain social marketing and sales across worldwide partner networks.

Whether you have an existing channel program supported by an established PRM system, or a new program to develop channel marketing capabilities, SocialRep’s platform can be tuned and integrated to drive partner engagement. With a focus on end-to-end social marketing and sales enablement, SocialRep offers channel marketers unique capabilities to identify, assess, accelerate and support global partners most capable of success. With granular performance metrics down to the per-user level, SocialRep offers clear visibility into real-time partner performance, so managed resources and MDF funds can be allocated to proven market leaders.

SocialRep’s platform automates most of the partner management process, including on-demand training and self-service capabilities. SocialRep’s concierge services ensure partners have the information, tools and training necessary to succeed. Both through-partner and to-partner marketing programs can be executed on the SocialRep platform, and API’s allow integration with Single Sign-On, PRM, CRM and Marketing Asset Management systems.


About 40% of SocialRep’s worldwide end users are corporate sales reps, who use our systems and content to establish their social reputation and build their own prospecting networks on major social media platforms.

Through training, gamification and packaged campaigns, SocialRep supports both direct sales reps and inside reps who build pipeline by attracting and qualifying socially prospected leads. SocialRep can be configured to support regional teams and product teams, with multi-language content for localized enablement and support. SocialRep provides sales leaders with unique capabilities to identify, empower and enable effective SMEs to prospect and qualify leads with sustainable inbound marketing techniques. Performance metrics and dashboards provide real time insights into campaign and execution effectiveness, with ultimate measurement of qualified leads contributed to the CRM pipeline.

SocialRep delivers a unique approach to addressing some of the most pressing challenges in marketing today, as buyers increasingly reject traditional high-pressure sales techniques. While most technologies focus on improving the effectiveness of CRM, SocialRep focuses on filling the pipeline with higher quality leads more ready to budget and buy. In a world moving rapidly from hardware to solution selling, SocialRep turns order-takers into social-savvy subject matter experts, who can attract qualified leads with timely and relevant answers to the most pressing business questions.


About 60% of SocialRep’s worldwide end users are value added resellers, retailers and distributors, who use our system to more effectively position and promote business solutions in a world increasingly disrupted by cloud computing and social media.

Most channel partners today are faced with the challenge of adapting to severe market disruption. They need new business models, new revenue streams, new ways to connect with prospects and sustain customer relationships. Most of all, they need practical programs and tools that can help them develop these capabilities quickly and effectively. We do all of that.

We offer the same training, gamification and campaigns we use to accelerate global OEM sales teams, with additional boot camps for marketing and sales strategy to support resellers that are adapting to changing markets. We work in partnership with manufacturers and distributors to find and elevate capable partners, so we’re always looking for resellers ready to move on the fastest path to revenue, whether refreshing a legacy line of business, launching a new solution, or opening a new market. Many of our programs, from solution positioning to social sales training, are covered by MDF, making it easy for able resellers to align and accelerate their business with leading global manufacturers.