SocialRep’s patented platform includes multi-language topical crawlers, content scoring and filtering algorithms, syndication and analytics tools, and content management systems to provide a portal serving customizable, social-ready content to marketing staff, sales teams, and partners worldwide.

The platform functions as a standalone social marketing and sales portal, or can be easily integrated into existing PRM systems and corporate intranets.

Everything needed to source, syndicate and manage social content ready for users to share is included in the platform license.


SocialRep’s team brings more than 2 decades of branding, marketing and sales enablement experience to our work with channel teams and partners. While we have the capability to provide full-service marketing and sales enablement support, we limit our focus to services that ensure readiness for social marketing and sales. From readiness assessments to define marketing and sales deficits, to the development of key marketing assets and touchpoints, we cover the critical path that ensures channel teams and partners are ready to perform—including social media strategy, social web integration, landing pages for social lead gen and SEO, social profile strategy and asset design for all major social networks. Enablement services can be executed as MDF programs or billed directly to partners.


SocialRep’s platform and services provide a unique opportunity for targeted and sustained social marketing campaigns. From special topics tailored for a handful of select partners to open? new markets, to general campaigns for thousands of partners to amplify a marketing message, SocialRep can design and execute effective social campaigns with granular performance metrics and dashboards. For the first time, you can compare social marketing performance directly to email and telemarketing campaigns, tracking performance directly to qualified leads and revenue.


SocialRep provides concierge and on-demand training services for social marketing and social selling, to channel marketing teams, inside and direct sales and partner marketing and sales teams. From self-serve skills-development programs and videos to intensive sales training and social marketing bootcamps, SocialRep designs and delivers training programs that ensure standardized and measurable skill sets for effective social selling across distributed teams and partner networks. Our gamification systems embedded into the SocialRep platform are proven to improve system adoption, campaign execution and program mastery among users.