Balancing Business and Personal Social Media Voices

A digest of recent web posts and trends related to business and personal social posting We see examples on a daily basis of a leader’s personal social media decisions impacting their business. Tesla’s stock price recently plummeted—not for the first time—following Elon Musk’s tweet in which he asked followers if he should sell … Read more

Social Marketing Roles and Responsibilities: Divide and Conquer

As more businesses in the IT Channel incorporate social marketing and sales into their promotional mix, we see a recurring pattern of approaches, challenges and pitfalls. There isn’t one correct way to do social marketing and sales, but there are ways to improve your chances of developing a productive and … Read more

The Single Biggest Marketing Pitfall for IT Resellers

IT Solution Providers in the channel have a number of unique marketing challenges. They have the same challenges that other B2B businesses face, from brand positioning to demand generation, but they’re compounded by the complexity of the channel ecosystems in which they operate. They’re also subject to a relentless pace … Read more

Hybrid Work and Remote Selling—Communication is Key

A digest of recent web posts and trends related to the rise of the hybrid office and remote selling skills. The pandemic has accelerated a trend that was already emerging before remote work became the norm: today’s sales meetings with a prospect are more likely to be 45 minutes with … Read more

Social Selling in a Hybrid Business World

In a world redefined by a global pandemic many businesses are rapidly shifting toward a “hybrid business” model in which some employees work from home and others work in the physical office. For many employees, remote work has been easily facilitated by rapidly improving technology for virtual meetings, cloud-based applications … Read more

Updating Your Business Strategy for Social Marketing and Sales

Every day we work with growing businesses trying to improve their social marketing and sales capabilities. Since we work in the IT Channel, those businesses range from small technology solution providers to global manufacturers with marketing teams in the hundreds. But the questions we hear everyday are surprisingly consistent across teams … Read more

Enough. Facebook Needs to Step Up and End the Hate.

If you’ve followed any of our content over the years, you know we don’t like to jump on the hot-take bandwagon. We prefer to listen more than we speak. We see ourselves as geeks, not gurus. We like to see the spotlight on our customers, not on ourselves. But the … Read more