channel marketing trends

Nine Disruptive Channel Marketing Trends

channel marketing trends

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been interviewing channel marketing executives and managers about the challenges they face growing partner revenue. The interviews are the first step in an industry benchmarking survey we’re working on at SocialRep, in an effort to understand challenges and best practices in partner enablement, sales acceleration and performance management.

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Social Media ROI

What’s the ROI on Social Media ROI?

The most fundamental truth of ROI: It’s nearly impossible to measure for marketing, it’s the wrong place to start with social media, and it’s a virtual recipe for social marketing disaster.

Solution for Agile Social Marketing

The Four Percent Solution for Agile Social Marketing

With technology selection, just adopt this simple truth: You are going to fail. So get it over with as quickly and cheaply as you can. The more time you spend planning some monumental RFP for an overarching social marketing platform, the more costly and crushing your failure will be.

Mapping the Frontier of Marketing Finance

Mapping the Frontier of Marketing Finance

The simple and unfortunate reality is that the marketing profession is not sufficiently prepared to reliably generate the markets businesses need to drive sustainable profits into the future.