the best kind of market intelligence

Crashing Conferences for Market Intelligence

If you’re looking for new ideas this year or want to practice spotting trends, try crashing conference exhibit halls. Swimming in raw data is often better at sparking inspiration than any packaged presentation.

Social Media at the Crossroads

Social Media at the Crossroads of Sustainable Capitalism

The driver for business adoption of social media, through collection of online data, is vacillating between the imperative to double down on predatory behavior or to pursue sustainability by connecting more meaningfully with customers.

Social Media Challenges the Power of the Pentagon

Social Media Challenges the Power of the Pentagon

A new way to play an old game, and a fascinating look at how social media can affect the balance of power in the fight for control over information—and over the hearts and minds of a society—between governments and civilians.

kill social media enthusiasm

How Marketing will Kill Social Media

Dropping in unannounced to online conversations and plaster an ad on the virtual forehead of consumers does not make you a part of anyone’s social circle.