Applying Agile Methods to Marketing and Sales

There’s a lot of agreement among marketers that Agile methods, originally engineered for software development, are beneficial for sales and marketing programs. But what does that really mean in practice? Without going deeply into the history of Agile Development, it’s useful to know that the move toward Agile was a … Read more

Discovering the Fastest Path to Revenue

What’s the best social media strategy for my business? What social marketing applications should my company use? How can I help my sales team be successful with social selling? How can I integrate social into my marketing mix? These are questions we hear every from customers trying to navigate the … Read more

The Pitfalls and Fallacies of Through Partner Marketing

Because Contenders show up differently than Pretenders. Their profiles are different. Their digital body language is different. And when you put the right kinds of enablement programs in front of them, the way they perform is different.

Messaging Apps Surge in Social Selling

All over the world marketers are exploring ways to use messaging apps for marketing and social selling. Do it well, and you’ll burnish your reputation as a trusted business advisor.

The One Truth Behind all Social Media Trends

It’s not that marketing has become a conversation more than a pitch, or that companies no longer control their brand message, or that customers trust peers more than manufacturers. All of that is true. But there’s something more fundamental.

Social Selling and Social Marketing have distinct roles and objectives in an effective pipeline.

Social Marketing vs. Social Selling: What’s the Difference?


socialsellingOver the past several months, social selling has become the hottest topic in social media. Depending on who’s talking it’s either the pinnacle of modern marketing or a cynical repackaging of social marketing hype. So what exactly? is social selling, why is it trending, and how is it any different from the waves of social media trends that have washed over the web in the past few years?

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