What I Learned about Marketing from Magic Johnson

magic-johnson Last week I saw Magic Johnson deliver a keynote on marketing at the Sirius Decisions Summit in Nashville. If you’re not a marketing or sales geek, Sirius Decisions is an analyst-driven consulting firm that focuses on helping businesses improve sales and marketing operations with better processes and technologies. Exciting stuff for us marketing geeks, but Magic Johnson?

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Enabling Channel Partners: Data Sheets Don’t Cut it Anymore


The fourth interview in our webcast series on The Channel’s Biggest Marketing Challenges is with  Carol Meyers, CMO at Rapid7. Carol has a wealth of experience and insights on channel management, including branding, lead generation, sales support and partner management. We discuss channel challenges from the Supplier perspective, including best practices for partner enablement, channel account management, and developing effective partnerships.

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What Partners Want from Channel Marketing Enablement


The third interview in our series on The Channel’s Biggest Marketing Challenges is with Mike McDermott, SVP of Business Development at PrimitiveLogic. Mike leads solution selling of business and technology consulting services, and develops reselling relationships with leading technology suppliers. We discuss channel challenges from the VAR and Integrator perspective, including best practices for channel marketing enablement and for partners adjusting to cloud disruption.

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Incentives are No Longer Enough to Drive Channel Revenue

channel coo

The second interview in our webcast series on The Channel’s Biggest Marketing Challenges is with Sridhar Ramanathan, COO of Aventi Group. A channel marketing veteran, Sridhar now advises clients like Symantec, Atlassian, SAP and Arrow on both direct and indirect sales and marketing. We discuss the disruption of cloud migration and how it’s impacting channel revenue strategy from incentives to pipeline metrics for measuring channel partner performance.

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Are You Investing in the Right Channel Partners?

chisbecwarThe first interview in our series on The Channel’s Biggest Marketing Challenges is with Chris Becwar, Senior Director of Marketing at CCI Global Channel Management. Chris is an expert on channel partner enablement, incentives and performance management, and we discuss these topics in the context of all the disruption driven by cloud migration. Which of your partners will help you succeed, and which will hold you back as the market shifts towards everything as a service?  Continue reading

Webcast Series: The Channel’s Biggest Marketing Challenges

Over the course of the past several weeks, I’ve been co-hosting a podcast with Mitchell Levy at Thought Leader Life, focusing on the challenges and best practices for today’s channel marketers. We brought together channel experts on the front line of sales, marketing and strategy to talk about their insights and experiences.

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Verizon Just Served a Wake-Up Call to the Channel

Wake Up call for Channel MarketersVerizon finally announced their Software Defined Networking (SDN) roadmap yesterday, and while they may be playing catchup to AT&T on SDN it’s a shot across the bow for IT vendors as well as their channel marketing teams. In embracing SDN Verizon, like AT&T, has made it clear that they no longer view hardware as strategic, but as a commodity upon which they intend to build value for their customers. Continue reading

What’s Your Social Selling Persona?

SocialSellingPersonaEveryone’s talking about Social Selling these days, trying to get their arms around what it means and how it works. While much of the focus now is on tools and techniques, it’s important to recognize that there are different approaches and different styles of social selling, each of which are appropriate for different sales personalities and brands. What kind of Social Sales approach is right for you?

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The One Truth Behind all Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends

I had the good fortune this week to spend several days talking shop with a group of high-tech business owners and principals. The event was a summit among the top partners of a large IT manufacturer, looking ahead and developing plans for 2015. My role was to talk about social media tools and techniques that might help these business leaders grow their markets.

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