channel partners
Enabling Channel Partners: Data Sheets Don’t Cut it Anymore
In this webcast, we discuss channel challenges from the Supplier perspective, including best practices for partner enablement, channel account management, and developing effective partnerships
channel revenue
Incentives are No Longer Enough to Drive Channel Revenue
This webcast interview with Sridhar Ramanathan focuses on the disruption of cloud migration and how it's impacting channel revenue strategy from incentives to pipeline metrics for measuring channel partner performance.
Investing in Channel Partners
Are You Investing in the Right Channel Partners?
In our first webcast of the Channel Marketing series we discuss how to predict which of your partners will help you succeed, and which will hold you back as the market shifts towards everything as a service.
channel partners
How Businesses Help Channel Partners Generate Demand
As cloud technology disrupts the way products and solutions are brought to market, business models are being turned inside out and many established partners are struggling to adapt.
marketing FOR cutomers
When Should You Stop Shooting at Customers?
The new world of channel marketing is inbound over outbound—instead of putting a target on the backs of customers for partner sales team to hunt, you help partners attract customers with relevant content that addresses their interests and needs.
impact as Big Data
Will Big Data Lead Your Company Astray?
Somehow, it's taken on faith that Big Data will let you capture anything and everything you want, and make sense of it automatically with the magic of technology.
Spotting Market Trends First With Social Media
Spotting Market Trends First With Social Media
I'm in Boston tomorrow hosting an event at the Microsoft NERD center on social media intelligence with Carol Meyers, our invaluable advisory board member and a true marketing maven.
Cisco Flushes Flip’s Brand Equity
Cisco announced yesterday that they’re killing the Flip brand, as part of a general restructuring to focus on their enterprise business. This is the first “bold move” following CEO John
Social Media Pundits Get Schooled By An Ad Firm
Everyone’s talking about Old Spice’s viral campaign, and I have to say, it’s brilliant. On so many levels. It’s memorable, smart and simple. It bridges the gap between advertising and
Social Media Challenges the Power of the Pentagon
social-media-challenges-power-pentagon] For the past several months, a high stakes battle has been playing out online between military and cvilian interests over information about the executon of the Afghan war. A
The Complicated Road to Simplicity
When I was growing up my mother had a print of a Picasso painting over her desk. It was an image of a bull, and though I didn’t get it
Blogging the (R)evolution
As the contrarian wisdom goes, when the rest of the world zigs, you should zag. Although SocialRep has been providing social media intelligence since 2007, we haven’t blogged, we haven’t
Beyond the Funnel: the Service in SaaS
SocialRep is part of a growing sector of the software market known as SaaS, or Software as a Service. The shift toward SaaS has been growing for a decade, and