Blogging the (R)evolution

SocialRepAs the contrarian wisdom goes, when the rest of the world zigs, you should zag. Although SocialRep has been providing social media intelligence since 2007, we haven’t blogged, we haven’t Tweeted, we haven’t Facebooked or YouTubed, or participated in any online social networking at all.

In fact, other than a few Webinars and speaking engagements, we’ve been conspicuously quiet–at least in public. To our customers, partners and friends, we’ve been pretty vocal about the trends, challenges and opportunities shaping the world of social marketing.

The motivation to keep our powder dry in public has been driven largely by the desire to be geeks more than gurus. Things have been unfolding so fast in social media, we’ve wanted to focus all our attention on working with customers and taking on interesting challenges, rather than pontificating on the latest micro trend and market speculation. In fact, most of the things we were really interested in talking about were completely off-limits–either because they involved a confidential program for a client, or they involved strategic insights about products we were pushing into development.

Today marks a change in SocialRep’s development. We’ve been adding developers to our team, accelerating production, and bringing on new customers from outside our core network. Relative to other startups, we’re continuing a slow and steady pace, but we now have our eye on a clear market direction, and it’s time to begin catalyzing a broader market community. We’re launching this blog as a way of putting a voice to our vision, for SocialRep and for social marketing as a practice for building more sustainable business endeavors.

As a marketer, I should bowl you over with promises of all the great things to come. But that’s not really SocialRep’s style. We’re students of the philosophy that every revolution is 9/10s evolution. If we lay a foundation of insights you can trust, you’ll see all the great things for yourself.

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