Enabling Social Marketing for the Channel

Today, SocialRep is launching a new chapter. After years of engineering and product development on social data systems, analytics and curation, we’re bringing all the pieces together in a single platform focused on enabling social marketing for the B2B channel.

enabling social marketing for the B2B channelAs we’ve previewed our solution with analysts over the past few weeks, we’ve heard it called Inbound Channel Marketing, Through-Partner Social Marketing, and Social Channel Marketing. Whatever label you put on it, we’re proud to deliver the first end-to-end platform that enables businesses to empower their partners to engage customers authentically through social media.

There are plenty of good Partner Relationship Management solutions and portals, and we integrate with those solutions, but no platform currently delivers the 3 fundamental components necessary for social marketing in the channel. You need a social listening system to track and analyze market dialog, you need a syndication system that filters the best content and feeds it to partners, and you need a social media system that enables partners to share content in their own voice, producing measurable results in the form of Marketing Qualified Leads.

There’s a lot more to our solution, including multi-language support, powerful data analytics and performance dashboards, and marketing services that allow us to deliver tested, turn-key programs to train and empower your most valuable partners. But the most important aspect of our system is what it produces for our customers—a Unified Vocal Network of advocates who can bring your story to life.

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